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 Forum Rules And Regulations

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PostSubject: Forum Rules And Regulations   Sun Jul 10, 2011 11:29 am

It's really indeed to keep this board out of flaming and spamming, thus we have some particular rules and regulation which need to be followed while browsing this board. The Rules and Regulation of keymig33 forum are of following:
Forum Rules and Regulation
*. Before you post : Use"Search" Option before posting any topic to check whether that thread is exist already or not?
*. Multiple posting : Don't do double posting that is strictly prohibited in this board,in case of breaching you may be banned from here.
*. Description of you problem/question : Don't hesitate to share your problems and question with us, however try to elaborate therefore we can accommodate a perfect solution. Therefore feel free in this board as we are here to assist you guys.
*. Global Language : This is global forum, this is why we only allow English as global languages, Therefore don't post in any local language or we will delete that post withoutany notification.
*. Colors and capitals : When you write your message, please don't abuse capitals (it means that you shout) or colors.
Some colors are reserved for moderation and light colors are hard to read for visually impaired people.
*. Flood and off-topic : Use common sense! and don't flood/recite the same topic again & again, hence you might be banned from this board due to violation.
You must also avoid to post the same topic twice, it will not be faster for you to get a response.
*. Politeness : Always try toshow mature guts and don't use any vulgar, rude& insulting words for otherboard members.
*. Multiple Registration : Only one registration per user should be done, If a user will be found with multiple rgistration he will be banned without being warned.

Behavior on the forum
*. Defamatory, racist, hateful,pornographic, illegal or insulting content must be avoided on this forum. You must respect the fact that people may have a different opinion than you. If you are in conflict with another member, please use PMs for that, this board is not an arena!
*. Please, be patient. It's useless to up your topic every 2 minutes . Every member of this forum has aprivate life besides mig33 friends so they can't always respond immediately.
*. You must respect the forum management. They all work voluntarily on this forum and they are human,not machines!
*. If you received advertising, pornographic content or insults by PM, you must send the whole copy (including the headers) to a administrator by PM. Posting it in a topic is useless and will only cause conflicts between you and the one who sent you the PM.
*. If you don't find your topic,it may have been moved toa more appropriate place.

Avatar and Signature
*. Your avatar & signature isnot an advertising banner,so avatars with any forum,website URL must be avoided.
*. Sexually oriented and goreavatars must be avoided
*. Your "Age/S" field is not an advertising space, so forum URL must be avoided
Security & privacy issues
*. All tools/softwares provided by swiftwares must be downloaded from orignal download links. Your ID might be hacked if you download our tools from other sites.
*. All tools/softwares provided by our team are fully secure. We don't use your personal details (ID/password) for any of our own purpose in any case. If you still don't trust us simply don't use any of our tool.

Thanks for being with us!
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Forum Rules And Regulations
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